Legislative Report on April 6, 2023

Illinois Juvenile Officer’s Association

Legislative Report April 6, 2023, Tinley Park PD


A list of bills I have been tracking;

HB 1552 – Would allow for a petition to be filed that could cause a police officer active or retired to lose their retirement benefits/pension.  Removes survivor benefits as well. – This one has legs – Need to watch. - Rule 19(A) / Re-Referred to Rules Committee Mar 10 2023.


HB 1294 – Creates new UST for Juveniles but takes age to 21.

HB 1089 – Police Officer Accountability - Requires officers to have liability insurance, residency requirements, 20 hours of annual race relations training, additional academy training among other requirements. Re-Referred to Rules Committee Mar 10 2023.

SB 1830 – De-felonization of Controlled Substances.

SB 1607 – Minors 10 years of age or older involved in vehicular hijacking may be detained at detention facility. 

HB 277 – Removes ability to issue warrant for traffic missing court.

SB 0333 – Delayed reporting of sexual assaults by medical personnel.  Limits information provided to Law Enforcement.  Rule 2-10(A) Third Reading Deadline Established as April 28, 2023, Mar 31 2023.

HB 3115 – Creates the Police Promotion Act.  Limits appointed positions, mandates certain elements and requirements for Sheriff and Municipal promotional testing while limiting home rule.  – Fire has this………(Needs Extension to move.)

HB 2347 - Provides that any minor 14 (rather than 10) years of age or older may be kept or detained in an authorized detention facility if the minor is arrested pursuant to the Act and there is probable cause to believe that the minor is a delinquent minor and that secure custody is a matter of immediate and urgent necessity in light of specified factors. Provides that no minor under 14 (instead of 12) years of age shall be detained in a county jail or a municipal lockup for more than 6 hours. Provides that a minor found to be guilty may be committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice if the minor is at least 14 (rather than 13) years and under 20 years of age, if the minor was found guilty of a felony offense or first degree murder. Provides that a minor under the age of 14 who is in violation of the law may be the subject of a petition under the Minors Requiring Authoritative Intervention Article of the Act, or may be held accountable through a community mediation program. – Rule 19(A) / Re-Referred to Rules Committee Mar 27 2023.  (Needs extension to move).



Other Topic to Watch;

HB 1527 – Vehicle disabling technology device.

HB 1727 – Allows Sheriff’s to buy squads outside of bid under certain circumstances.

HB 3322 – Requires gang database policy – Previously was going to eliminate gang database.

SB 1754 – Requires ILETSB to create a reciprocity program for cops and corrections.


Summited by Legislative Chairman – Fred Chinn

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